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“I’m starting a business but I need help with a website and social media.”


Explain your vision to overcome roadblocks

Unlock your creativity and lower your stress

Move quickly to tip the scales in your direction

Getting mentored by Chrissy and Eddie was a complete game-changer. Their advice was not only about all the logistical steps, but always kept the most important thing, the connection with the client, in mind. It was worth every penny!

Taylor P.

The Irvins helped me to refocus my priorities in order to allow my short and long-term goals to be reached. Basically, they’ve saved my sanity over the past month and I will absolutely be calling on their consultation services again soon!

Gabe D.

Lucky Raft Consulting played a major role in the startup of my IT business. My time with them left me with a broader knowledge of how to market my business in a community where everyone has something to sell. Eddie and Chrissy are natural encouragers who care about my vision and want to help me succeed.

Tony P.


It can feel like choppy waters starting a business. We help you clarify what’s important and what’s not.


It’s like a recipe book for saving time, and we want to share it with you!


absolutely enjoy the adventure, but when the water gets choppy we would love to throw a lucky raft your way.
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Eddie & Chrissy

We’ve spent past years having a blast building brands like High Five For Love Photography, Grainhappy Photo TutorialsInstalink.codes and InstantPhotoLive. Every time we sat with others and talked about their passions and business plans, we found in ourselves a passion to help and guide them to success by sharing what we’ve learned in our own businesses.

Through our conversations and on going encouragement, I have successfully owned my own practice for over a year. While I am always on the look for new ideas and movements I can make to grow, I know that my processing with Eddie and Chrissy was the catalyst I needed to get moving!

Kate K.

Working with Eddie and Chrissy was amazing! They take the time to understand your vision and give practical steps to help you accomplish your end goals. They bring clarity along with encouragement to your project. The tools and tips that they shared with me brought immediate positive change to my business.

April P.

Business can be intimidating, Eddie and Chrissy gave practical advice that boosted my confidence in my abilities. Eddie helps you determine what you value most, so that you can pursue the things that will get you what you want. Chrissy gives constructive criticism in a way that makes you more determined to find solutions. Working with them was a wonderful experience.

Chrystelle I.

hello@luckyraftconsulting.com | 615.628.7099